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Update on Phoenix motorcycle crash is worst news possible

Posted On February 26, 2015 Motorcycle Accidents By John Allen Phebus

Phoenix’s NBC TV affiliate recently had on its website the story of a motorcycle hit by a car on the city’s west side. According to the station, the motorcycle rider was in “extremely critical condition” after being hit by the Nissan Altima on Buckeye Road at 79th Avenue.

65-year-old woman could lose arm and eye after dog attack

Posted On February 24, 2015 Dog Bites By John Allen Phebus

A Phoenix TV station reports that a 65-year-old woman was recently mauled by three of her neighbor’s dogs. The critically injured dog-bite victim is in danger of losing an arm and an eye as a result of the attack.

The woman was outside of her own home when the attack by three mixed-breed pit bulls took place.

When does spring spring in Arizona?

Posted On February 13, 2015 Motorcycle Accidents By John Allen Phebus

Because of the warmth of the Arizona sun, we tend to feel as if it’s spring here well before people in northern climes do. While they’re out shoveling snow off their sidewalks, we are basking in sunny days with temperatures climbing into the 80s in February and then onward and upward in March, April and May.

Medical malpractice compensation: first glances can be deceiving

Posted On February 11, 2015 Medical Malpractice By John Allen Phebus

Sometimes when a Phoenix TV station airs a story about a medical malpractice case settlement, some viewers react as if the plaintiff just won the lottery. The reality is that if the person who filed the lawsuit alleging hospital or doctor negligence receives significant compensation, it is only because they have suffered significant damage.

Biggest dangers on the road

Posted On February 5, 2015 Wrongful Death By John Allen Phebus

When you’re out driving on Interstate 10 or I-17 in the Phoenix area, there is probably little doubt in your mind that some of the most dangerous things on wheels are large commercial trucks. Weighing up to 80,000 pounds, they are 13 times heavier than big SUVs and are 20 times (or more) heavier than passenger cars.

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