Details are scant in serious Phoenix car crash

The news reports of the violent accident are brief. What we know: two vehicles were in a late-night collision in West Phoenix. Two men were extricated from a vehicle by emergency responders. Both men are in their 30s and both sustained severe injuries in the crash. The two were listed at a nearby hospital in… read more

Arizona is toughest state in nation on DUI

The Grand Canyon State has been slowly, surely, steadily toughening its drunken driving laws over time. Year after year and law after law, the desired goal has finally been attained: Arizona is now the state with the toughest DUI laws in the nation. That’s what financial website WalletHub has determined, anyway. And if you ask… read more

Delayed diagnosis results in two extra surgeries

She was 36 years old and wanted to have a baby. She and her OBGYN decided she would undergo a minimally invasive surgical procedure to enhance her odds of having a successful pregnancy. However, during the pregnancy, her small bowel was perforated. That error is not considered medical malpractice by her attorney, however. It was… read more

Magic flier?

It’s almost like magic, its proponents claim. You simply drive up to a DUI checkpoint, holding a flier from to your window, along with your driver’s license, and police wave you through and on your way. That’s the claim in videos and elsewhere online, according to a recent news story. In fact, we watched… read more