Motorcycle accident leaves Phoenix-area father of 4 hospitalized

Posted On June 8, 2015 Motorcycle Accidents

He’s described by his family as a loving father and hard-working husband. He’s described by his doctors as a man who needs multiple surgeries to deal with a dozen fractures and spinal cord injury.

He arrived at an area hospital with no pulse after a motorcycle accident south of Phoenix at the intersection of 24th Street and Baseline Road. Doctors revived him, but he faces a number of medical hurdles in coming days. Still unable to speak, he is under the watchful eyes of physicians and his four children and wife as he braces for a future no one can at this point predict.

He manages a Maricopa fast-food restaurant, a newspaper article says, and is the breadwinner of the family. Of course, anyone in the family’s situation would be devastated and worried.

How will they manage to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads while he is trying to recover from his many injuries? They are currently doing what so many would in their place: trying to raise money to take care of their loved one’s upcoming medical expenses.

The news report states that the accident was caused when a car cut in front of the man’s motorcycle, causing him to lose control. The violent collision of motorcycle and pavement broke the cycle into pieces scattered along the roadway.

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