Smart and Safe Marijuana Act in Arizona

Posted On January 27, 2021 I Arizona Laws

In November 2020, Arizona became the 15th state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The law – officially named Proposition 207 and nicknamed the Smart and Safe Marijuana Act – will fully take effect in 2021. It allows law-abiding adults to possess, use and grow marijuana, within specific guidelines.

Factors That Affect Compensation for a Personal Injury Claim

Posted On January 22, 2021 I Personal Injury

Compensation in a personal injury claim refers to a financial award to make up for an injured victim’s losses, such as medical bills and losses of income. If you were recently injured in an accident in Arizona, you could be eligible for compensation from the party that caused your accident.

Should You Accept an Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

Posted On January 15, 2021 I Personal Injury

As an injured accident victim, you most likely want to obtain a settlement as quickly as possible. You want the at-fault party to pay for the medical bills that are stacking up or your weeks of lost wages. It is critical to your financial future, however, not to quickly accept the insurance company’s first settlement offer.

Stages of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Posted On January 12, 2021 I Personal Injury

Knowing what to expect from a personal injury lawsuit can provide peace of mind by preparing you for the future of your claim. In general, a personal injury lawsuit will follow a predictable pattern with several key processes. Keep in mind, however, that every case is unique and yours may follow different stages.

Ignition Interlock Device Laws in Arizona

Posted On January 6, 2021 I Arizona Laws,Drunk Driving Charges

Arizona takes driving under the influence (DUI) crimes very seriously. The state legislature has passed many laws to discourage driving drunk and prevent repeat offenders. One of these laws is the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device in the vehicle of someone convicted of a DUI.