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Free 30 Minute Phone Consult
Student/Military Discounts
No Upfront Fees for Injury Cases


Experienced Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyers

At The Law Office of John Phebus, our attorneys have been representing clients in Arizona for over 20 years.  We focus our practice on helping those who have suffered a catastrophic injury or are facing serious criminal charges.

As a firm, we have made a conscious decision to stay small, focusing our effort and resources on a lower volume of cases.  This allows us to provide the best possible representation in every case that we handle.  When you hire The Law Office of John Phebus to represent you, you get our best every time.

We are not afraid to take cases to trial and leverage our extensive experience in the courtroom to build strong cases and fight for the best possible outcome.

If you or a loved one have been injured or are facing serious criminal charges, please, contact our firm today.  We offer free and confidential consultations so there is no risk or obligation to talk to our attorneys about your case.

Real Trial Attorneys

Having a trial attorney on your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case, whether it be a personal injury or criminal defense matter.   In both areas of law, the other side is aware of who your attorney is and if they have experience taking cases to trial.  In personal injury cases, this may lead to a higher initial settlement or negotiations that are in better faith.   In a criminal case, it helps us understand all the possible defenses and how juries may react to them.

John is very professional & had a wonderful team who make things happen.

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Knowledgeable. Professional. Empathetic. Highly recommend his firm and their services!

Leo S.

John went above and beyond. I highly recommend him, he was worth every penny!

Katelyn A.
Wrongful Death
Auto accident resulted in a wrongful death case.
Medical Malpractice
Failure to timely diagnose cancer.
Car accident
High speed collision when defendant ran a red light.
Auto Accident
Serious back injuries sustained in low speed collision; surgery required.
Impaired to the slightest degree, being over a .08% and being over a .150%.
Client was Not Guilty of all charges at a jury trial.
Vehicular Aggravated Assault
Client was being charged with the presumptive sentence of 7.5 years in the department of corrections.
Client received county jail time.
Drug Possession
Possession with intent to sell. Client was offered 7.5 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections.
Client received probation.
Proudly serving Phoenix & all surrounding areas

About Our Personal Injury Practice

Serious injuries can quickly lead to financial peril. Depending on the severity of the accident, the injuries might require surgery, multiple doctor visits, hospital stays or lengthy physical therapy. These medical bills, coupled with the loss of wages, can devastate a family’s finances.

If you or a loved one was injured due to the negligence of another person or organization, you need a skilled personal injury attorney in Glendale on your side. Whether your injury is the result of an auto accident or other negligence-related accident, we encourage you to contact our firm.

In personal injury cases, we offer free case evaluations and work on a contingency fee, meaning there is no cost to you until we recover compensation on your behalf.  It is important to work quickly, as evidence of the accident can be cleared away and witnesses might have trouble remembering certain details as time goes on. It is our goal to use whatever resources we can to gain a clear understanding of your accident and injuries before we begin negotiating with the insurance carrier on your behalf. Trust our lawyers for thorough preparation, attention to detail, and prompt communication as we fight to protect your future financial stability.

About Our Criminal Defense Practice

Good people sometimes make bad choices. Whether you have been accused of drunk driving, a serious criminal traffic offense or a misdemeanor or felony crime, you are innocent until proven guilty. A DUI conviction can result in expensive fines, community service, license suspension, and other serious consequences. Our Glendale criminal and DUI defense attorneys at The Law Offices of John Phebus understand that this is a difficult time and you have many worries and questions. We have answers. Protect your rights and your driving privileges. Whether you need a Glendale criminal defense lawyer for a DUI charge, violent crime or theft charges, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers today.