Study connects sleep deprivation with false confessions

Arizona residents may be familiar with research linking false confessions with a controversial law enforcement tactics such as the Reid technique. This type of high-pressure approach is employed by police officers when they are dealing with uncooperative and truculent suspects, but poorly educated or mentally challenged individuals may sometimes confess to crimes that they did… read more

Recommendations for reducing diagnostic errors

Diagnostic errors have a significant effect on patients in Texas and throughout the United States. About 5 percent of people in outpatient settings are affected annually by delayed, missed or wrong diagnoses. Diagnostic errors are contributing factors in about 10 percent of patient deaths and account for up to 17 percent of hospitals’ adverse events…. read more

Doctors perform surgery on wrong baby in Tennessee

Arizona parents may be dismayed to learn that doctors performed surgery on the wrong baby at a Tennessee hospital. The incident occurred at the University Medical Center in Lebanon, just outside Nashville. According to media reports, a mother delivered a healthy baby boy at the hospital. Not long after his delivery, medical staff took him… read more

The Problem With Prescription Drug Abuse and Young People In Arizona

The abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise throughout the country and in Arizona. What is particularly troubling is that young people are a growing demographic when it comes to prescription drug abuse. Whether they are stealing it from their parents or buying illegal prescription drugs from classmates, it is a serious concern. In… read more

Understaffing at hospitals can result in errors

Many Arizona hospital patients know that there are not enough nurses to meet the demand. This shortage leads to medical staff who are often overtaxed, leading to a reduced ability to provide the best care possible. As the baby boomers continue to advance in age, the shortage of nurses is only expected to continue. In… read more

FBI now tracking animal abuse cases nationwide

Arizona pet owners might be interested to learn that the FBI began keeping detailed records of animal cruelty cases across the United States on Jan. 1. The agency already monitors serious crimes like homicide, assault, arson and burglary. Studies have shown that cruelty to animals is a starting point for many violent criminals, including serial… read more

Legal implications in false confession cases

Arizona residents might be familiar with the Netflix documentary entitled “Making a Murderer”. The series addresses the false confession of an individual who was 16 years old at the time a female photographer was murdered in 2005. A similar false confession case occurred in 2009, involving a man who allegedly raped and strangled a female… read more

Prescription errors

When Arizona residents need to take medication, they rely on both their physician to prescribe the correct medication and dosage and their local pharmacy to fill the prescription accurately. Unfortunately, pharmacists and staff members sometimes make mistakes when filling prescriptions. If the patient does not catch the error in time, the consequences can be severe…. read more