Breath Test Refusal

What do you not have to do at a DUI stop?

In today’s emotionally charged dealings with police, cooperation is absolutely essential to your safety and future. However, that does not mean you have to allow an officer to subject you to anything incriminating or illegal. You have the right to fair treatment. What you do when you are pulled over for drunk driving can greatly… read more

What does implied consent in DUI arrest mean under Arizona law?

Arizona residents may be aware that this state is an “implied consent” state with regard to testing for alcohol or drug intoxication while driving. This post addresses some of the questions that can arise in connection with implied consent. When does implied consent become effective? You give implied consent to be tested for alcohol, drugs… read more

No real benefit to breath test refusal

Getting pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence is a significant allegation. Police officers will likely question an individual and often times at least attempt to perform a breath test. If it is determined that a driver’s blood-alcohol content is above the legal limit, which in the state of Arizona is .08, there… read more