Arizona Supreme Court limits DUI for residual marijuana test

Posted On April 24, 2014 I Drunk Driving Charges

Since medical marijuana was legalized in Arizona in 2010 questions have arisen about what should actually be defined as impairment under the influence of the drug.  Last year, the Arizona Court of Appeals held that motorists can be prosecuted for DUI when there is evidence of marijuana in the system even when impairment cannot be proven.  

Maricopa police testing new technology to record DUI stops

Posted On April 17, 2014 I Field Sobriety Tests

Law enforcement increasingly uses developing technology in its efforts to detect traffic violations. While subjective field sobriety tests such as walk and turn tests and eye movement are still used, more objective data is being gathered using more sophisticated video technology.

There is an app for that: The drunk driving app

Posted On April 10, 2014 I Drunk Driving Charges

It seems that most people own some type of smartphone these days. You see these phones in the hands of Phoenix residents in a host of places including gas pumps, at restaurants, bars and sporting events. People are not only talking on these phones; they are using various phone applications.

Phoenix man faces DUI charge after ending up in a lake

Posted On April 3, 2014 I Drunk Driving Charges

Facing a drunk driving charge can be a stressful time. Someone who is facing these charges may have a lot of questions. During such difficult times it is important to protect your rights. In cases where there were no serious injuries, the severity of the potential consequences might be lessened.