Study shows better patient outcomes with female physicians

The gender of primary care physicians for elderly Arizona hospital patients could influence the likelihood of death or hospital readmission. A research team from Harvard analyzed the Medicare records of over 1.5 million patients age 65 and older. The data for people receiving non-surgical care revealed that 11.49 percent of people cared for by male… read more

How to prevent your guests from driving drunk

Drunk driving is one of the major causes of car accidents across the nation. In a concerted effort to crack down on such incidents, states have passed comprehensive drunk driving laws. In many locations, these include so-called social host liability laws. This means that someone hosting a social gathering can be held responsible if a… read more

Follow-up MRIs could help detect fetal brain abnormalities

An MRI scan following a mid-pregnancy ultrasound could help doctors in Arizona and around the world diagnose a potential fetal brain abnormality, according to British researchers. Their study, which was conducted at the University of Sheffield, was published in The Lancet on Dec. 14. For the study, researchers selected 570 pregnant women who had an… read more

Synthetic drugs pose a challenge for lawmakers

Media outlets in Arizona and across the country have reported on the growing popularity of synthetic cathinones, also called bath salts, and cannabinoid substances with street names like K2 and spice. These drugs are often formulated using legal substances in order to skirt federal narcotics laws, and they can sometimes be found on the shelves… read more

How a DUI can affect a teen’s plans for college

Parents do their best when parenting their teens. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed many unsavory facts regarding teens and their safety, and few are so concerning as the revelation that 10 percent of those surveyed in the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance reported that they had engaged in drinking and driving…. read more

Millions may be misdiagnosed as having penicillin allergies

Many people in Arizona and throughout the country are diagnosed with allergies to penicillin when they are children. When they later develop infections as adults, they may be prescribed other antibiotics that carry more serious side effects than penicillin does because their medical records reflect the penicillin allergies. According to a recent study that was… read more

Surgical errors leading to chronic back and leg pain

Sometimes, Arizonans who get surgery on their backs for back pain will experience new or chronic pain in their backs and legs. This is called failed back surgery syndrome, and it has two primary causes. Some people experience this syndrome because they shouldn’t have received the surgery to start with. They may have been misdiagnosed,… read more

Factors that increase your BAC

As the holiday season approaches, it can be difficult to avoid alcohol completely, but did you know that there are other things that can cause your BAC to be elevated? In many cases, a blood test will show that there is no actual alcohol in the blood, yet other factors can cause a breath analyzer… read more