Drunk Driving

Drowsy Driving vs. Drunk Driving: What’s the Difference?

Drunk driving and drowsy driving can share similar characteristics, especially to the casual observer. In fact, driving after 24 hours of wakefulness is the equivalent of driving with a .10 blood alcohol content (BAC), according to the National Sleep Foundation. However, the key difference between drunk driving and drowsy driving is that the former is… read more

What Is the Certified Ignition Interlock Program?

An ignition interlock device (IID) fits into a vehicle and prevents it from driving until the driver blows into a breath analysis machine to ensure the driver’s sobriety. The Certified Ignition Interlock Program handles the installation and monitoring of these devices after a driver’s license suspension or revocation. If you or a loved one has… read more

6 Methods to Prevent Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a serious issue throughout the country. It causes thousands of fatalities and even more injuries every year. It is vital that states and cities work on ways to regulate and prevent people driving while under the influence of alcohol. There are several different methods that both governments and individual people can do… read more

5 Facts About Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving affect countless people across the United States, both people who drive impaired, and people who are involved in accidents related to alcohol. Police officers pull over millions of people every year for driving while under the influence of alcohol. It is a serious problem throughout the country, and facts and statistics reflect… read more

Think! Don’t Mix and Drive!

In 2016, 20.7 million Americans 16 or older drove while under the influence of alcohol. 11.8 million Americans drove under the influence of drugs in the same year. Impaired driving is a serious issue in the United States for people of all ages. Operating a vehicle is even more dangerous, however, if the driver is… read more

Four Valuable Life Lessons People Learned From a DUI

Getting a DUI is a life-changing event. Many people spend years trying to financially recover from the extensive fees and fines. Others spend months or years in jail, apart from family and friends, contemplating their mistakes. Anyone with a DUI must deal with the emotional and mental impact of his or her action. The overarching… read more