Do I Have to Go to Court After a Car Accident in Arizona?

Posted On February 27, 2024 I Car Accidents

If you get involved in an automobile accident in Arizona, you most likely do not have to go to court to recover financial compensation through an insurance claim. However, there are situations where taking your case to trial might benefit you, such as if an insurance company does not offer a fair settlement or rejects your claim.

Common Defenses for Those Accused of a DUI

Posted On February 20, 2024 I Drunk Driving,Drunk Driving Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Arizona is a serious offense that can come with significant penalties. Being convicted of DUI can result in life-changing consequences, such as mandatory jail time and the suspension of your driver’s license. The strength of your DUI defense can make all the difference if you have been accused of a DUI in Scottsdale.

Arizona Lane Filtering Laws

Posted On February 15, 2024 I Arizona Laws,Motorcycle Accidents

In 2022, legislators passed a new law in Arizona that permits motorcyclists to lane filter for the first time. Within certain parameters, two-wheeled motorcycles can now drive on the line between two lanes of same-direction traffic to pass stopped vehicles. Lane filtering must be done safely, prudently and within the confines of Arizona law.

Arizona Emergency Vehicle Laws

Posted On February 7, 2024 I Arizona Laws

Emergency vehicles are defined as those used by law enforcement, medical technicians, fire departments and other authorized emergency personnel. In Arizona, there are laws in place to help facilitate the movement of an emergency vehicle through traffic to better serve those in need of their services, as well as to prevent roadside accidents involving parked emergency vehicles.

Arizona Car Accident Laws

Posted On February 2, 2024 I Arizona Laws,Car Accidents

Every year, thousands of drivers get involved in car accidents in the State of Arizona. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to understand basic car accident laws and how to navigate them in a way that protects your legal rights.