Is Brake Checking Illegal in Arizona?

Posted On February 28, 2023 I Car Accidents

When a rear-end collision takes place in Arizona, the assumption is that the rear driver will be responsible or liable. However, some rear-end collisions are not wholly the fault of the rear driver. In some cases, the front driver could also be at fault for brake checking – a dangerous driving behavior that is against the law in Arizona.

Do the Police Have to Respect No Trespassing Signs?

Posted On February 21, 2023 I Arizona Laws

Putting up a no trespassing sign on your property could prevent law enforcement officers from being able to search your home. Without a search warrant, the police are no more privileged to enter private property than the general public. This means they must respect no trespassing signs, in most cases.

Arizona Open Container Laws

Posted On February 16, 2023 I Arizona Laws,Drunk Driving

Arizona has several laws pertaining to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially in public places and on roadways. One of these laws prohibits operating or riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol in the car.

What to Know About Arizona DUI Checkpoints

Posted On February 9, 2023 I Drunk Driving,Field Sobriety Tests

Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a crime that is taken very seriously in Arizona. If you get convicted of a DUI, you can face penalties that have the power to change your life. One of the methods that law enforcement officers use to discourage drunk driving and screen for intoxicated drivers is sobriety checkpoints.

Arizona 30-Day Impound Law

Posted On February 4, 2023 I Arizona Laws

In Arizona, being convicted of certain offenses can result in having your vehicle impounded for 30 days. Vehicle impoundment means holding a vehicle in a storage lot or tow yard for a mandatory amount of time. It is important to know what to do if your vehicle gets impounded in Arizona, including how to get your car back.