U.S. House attempts to redefine ‘standard of care’

Arizona readers of the New York Times might have noticed an article about an attempt in the U.S. House to do the bidding of physicians and their insurance companies. The House passed a bill with a provision tucked quietly into it that would protect doctors from being held to a standard of care used in… read more

Medical malpractice: negligence matters

Medical malpractice isn’t about innocent mistakes. It’s about negligence. When you go to a Phoenix surgeon for a follow-up visit after knee surgery and the doctor asks to see your left knee rather than the right knee that was operated on, that’s a mistake. Momentarily forgetting which knee had the surgery is the kind of… read more

Saturation weekend in Phoenix, around Valley

A river of green beer will wash down the gullets of shamrock-festooned revelers this weekend in Phoenix. But beware: the luck of the Irish will do you little good if police officers believe you are drinking and driving this weekend or on St. Patrick’s Day. Phoenix police have already sent out the warning that they… read more

Playing on the super extreme team?

Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Sir Charles Barkley (a former Phoenix Suns player), Patrick Ewing and John Stockton. The list of basketball greats who played on 1992’s Dream Team was breathtaking. Now some observers are wondering if the Suns are putting together a Super Extreme Team. That’s because the team has… read more