Genetic tests shown to be effective for breast cancer patients

Posted On August 31, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

People diagnosed with early breast cancer sometimes forego chemotherapy if chances appear low that tumors will spread to other parts of the body. A genetic testing option could help patients in Arizona and their health care providers make the decision about chemotherapy.

Patients may be able to catch some medical mistakes

Posted On August 29, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

Patients in Arizona hospitals may be able to reduce their risk of being injured by a medical error by paying close attention to what’s going on during their health care. Staying informed about the treatment plan, asking questions and examining medication before taking it may help a patient to avoid injury.

An overview of rare diseases

Posted On August 25, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

Arizona residents dealing with rare diseases may face a variety of medical challenges. Some are connected to the actual symptoms of these diseases. Others stem from difficulties the medical community may have in developing drugs and treatments for addressing these conditions.

College Students And Felony DUI: What Are The Consequences?

Posted On August 24, 2016 I Drunk Driving

There is never a good time to get arrested for driving under the influence, but the long-term consequences are especially steep for college students. Students are now heading back to school, and it is possible the reunion with old friends and making the acquaintance of new ones involves drinking.

Getting diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Posted On August 18, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

Many Arizona residents live with chronic pain. Some may also suffer from chronic nausea, depression and dizziness from a young age but are never diagnosed with any disease or disorders. Individuals with such assorted symptoms could actually be suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic disease that affects the body’s connective tissue and collagen.

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