How to Recover Compensation After a Car Accident

Posted On December 30, 2020 I Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Car accidents occur every day in the state of Arizona. If you get injured in a car accident, you may be eligible for financial compensation from the person or party who caused the collision. If you have never had to file a claim before, the process may seem complicated.

Stages in a Criminal Defense Case

Posted On December 23, 2020 I Criminal Defense

Although every criminal case is unique, with different facts presented and unpredictable outcomes, all follow the same procedural pattern in Arizona. The stages of a criminal defense case stay the same from case to case.

Criminal Investigation

Before the police make an arrest, law enforcement officers will review the facts to determine if there is probable cause for an arrest.

Juvenile Shoplifting Charges in Arizona

Posted On December 18, 2020 I Criminal Defense

Every child makes mistakes. If these mistakes end in criminal charges, they can change the course of a child’s life forever. Shoplifting is one of the most common juvenile crimes. The law surrounding juvenile shoplifting in Arizona is similar to the law in many other states.

What If a Victim Passes Away While Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim?

Posted On December 14, 2020 I Personal Injury,Wrongful Death

When someone else’s negligence causes a serious or catastrophic injury, the victim may not survive long enough to see the end of a personal injury claim. He or she may pass away from the severe injury before receiving financial compensation from the responsible party.

DUI Charges for Physical Control of a Vehicle

Posted On December 10, 2020 I Drunk Driving Charges

Years of intense effort to criminalize drunk driving in Arizona have led to it having some of the country’s strictest related laws. Arizona recognizes driving under the influence (DUI) as a violent crime that comes with severe penalties, including thousands of dollars in fines and mandatory jail time.

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