Seeking better diagnosing standards for endometriosis

For many Arizona women who suffer from endometriosis, finding treatment or even getting an accurate diagnosis can be difficult. In fact, the average wait for being correctly diagnosed is about 12 years. This is because some doctors may dismiss or ignore the symptoms or misdiagnose the symptoms as something else, ultimately delaying treatment. Endometriosis causes… read more

Disturbing cases of medical malpractice

Medical mistakes are alarmingly common in Arizona and across the country. Some cases that have appeared in recent years provide a sobering reminder of the importance of avoiding such mistakes. In one case, a 36-year-old Arizona man with a brain injury died after ingesting unopened ketchup packets, plastic bags and paper towels while in the… read more

Being aware of doctor errors

While most doctors in Arizona and across the United States are good at their jobs, some can and do make mistakes. Unfortunately, their mishaps can lead to serious injury or death. For example, one man in West Virginia was not given proper anesthesia before surgery for abdominal pain and was awake during the procedure. While… read more

Common diseases that are often misdiagnosed

Arizona residents may be surprised to learn how common a misdiagnosis can be for doctors. Incorrect diagnoses can even be made for common diseases. Part of the problem is that some common illnesses share symptoms, making it difficult to distinguish the conditions from each other. Some diseases can only be identified through symptom elimination. One… read more

Research study examines ways to prevent surgical errors

Arizona residents who need surgery might eventually do so in safer conditions if techniques used in a Johns Hopkins study are adopted and used widely. The study examined surgical errors and found that while a preventative checklist was one helpful way to prevent accidents, surgeons also benefited from feedback about their errors. The results were… read more

On search and seizure

The legal rights of people who have been accused of a crime in Arizona are well documented. There are stringent regulations governing the kinds of evidence that can be used in criminal trials, and the ways in which evidence may be gathered are the subject of an enormous body of law. The Fourth Amendment to… read more