Serious Injuries in Motor Vehicles Accidents – What to Do

Posted On September 28, 2016 I Car Accidents,Personal Injury

A serious motor vehicle accident changes your life in an instant. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may never recover the quality of life you had prior to that fateful ride. It is certain that you will be out of work for an extended period, and quite possible that you can never return to the type of job you held before the accident.

Radiologists have very low rate of success detecting hernias

Posted On September 28, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

A patient in Arizona complaining of abdominal or pelvic pain might have to rely on what a surgeon hears from the radiologist for a diagnosis. When a surgeon suspects a hernia and orders a CT scan, only 7 percent might be detected by the radiologist.

Diagnostic tips for suspected hernia cases

Posted On September 26, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

Abdominal pain can have a variety of causes, but issues such as a fever or an inability to move might lead an Arizona resident to seek prompt assistance from a medical provider. Obtaining radiology tests to confirm the suspicion of a hernia can be important, but unfortunately, experts indicate that these tests can often fall short in providing an accurate diagnosis.

Coping With the Financial Fallout From Personal Injury

Posted On September 21, 2016 I Personal Injury,Wrongful Death

When you are hurt as a result of an accident, whether at work, a commercial property or public place, the sudden need for medical attention can be overwhelming. While it is always good to be prepared for the worst, you can’t plan for sudden injury.

Negligent Security Can Lead to Violent Criminal Acts

Posted On September 19, 2016 I Wrongful Death

The notorious Arizona inmate attack on a prison teacher was in the news again recently. More than two and a half years ago, an Arizona Department of Corrections inmate violently assaulted a teacher within a medium-security prison. The assailant, Jacob Harvey, was serving a 30-year sentence as a violent sex offender.

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