Pot legalization and driving standards

Posted On September 19, 2016 I Drunk Driving Charges

Although Arizona allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes under the state’s Medical Marijuana Act passed in 2010, driving with a slight degree of impairment can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony violation. The presence of THC in the blood can also serve as grounds for charges, but collecting blood can be an invasive method for evaluating an individual’s alleged use of marijuana.

How bias may impact Arizona patients

Posted On September 15, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

Research published in Perspectives on Medical Education found that health care providers may let bias get in the way of a proper diagnosis. However, making assumptions can lead to poor outcomes for patients. At any given time, a medical professional may make judgments or assumptions about a person based on his or her race, class or sexual orientation.

Teens less likely to drink if their parents have rules

Posted On September 12, 2016 I Drunk Driving Charges

When Arizona parents set clear rules prohibiting underage drinking, their teenage children may be less likely to go to parties and drink alcohol. A study showed that a relatively simple method for preventing teen drinking actually works. The research study was conducted by a professor of social sciences and health policy from Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina.

Preventing anesthetic errors during surgery

Posted On September 9, 2016 I Medical Malpractice

Arizona patients may be interested to learn that an improved procedure has been developed to help prevent wrong-side anesthetic blocks from being performed on patients who are being prepared for surgery. Although wrong-sided blocks are not considered to be as problematic as wrong-sided surgeries, they can still considered to be an invasive surgery and can result in complications.

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