Lab that combined Spice and Fentanyl discovered

On June 21, it was reported that Arizona authorities uncovered a drug lab that was mixing Spice with Fentanyl. While Spice is illegal and can be fatal, Fentanyl increases the risk as a very small amount of the drug can result in an overdose. It appears that hundreds of thousands of doses may have already… read more

Understanding the dangers of an anesthesia error

Arizona residents who are going to have a procedure requiring anesthesia will undoubtedly have concerns about it. There is always a chance that an error could occur and cause a worsened medical condition, long-term damage and even death. Understanding how to avoid the dangers of anesthesia can be beneficial. There are risks with being placed… read more

Standardizing IV medication practices for patient safety

There are various points in the Arizona health care system at which a patient might receive intravenous solutions and medications. An IV might be administered during emergency transport, in an emergency room, in the surgical environment, or in an intensive care unit. One of the challenges for an individual who receives treatment in more than… read more

Medical malpractice can have dire consequences.

Arizona residents might be surprised to learn that thousands of patients die each year around the country as a result of hospital negligence. Many times, hospital administrators even try to cover up these mistakes out of fear of litigation. Defective surgical instruments, hospital infections, and nursing errors can result in devastating consequences. A program by… read more

Urine testing can lead to misdiagnosis of dehydration

A new study suggests that many elderly individuals are being misdiagnosed of dehydration. Such a misdiagnosis is more serious for elderly individuals in Arizona than other residents due to impaired kidney function, medications, other medical conditions and unknown thirst sensations. The study, which was done by East Anglia University in Britain, was conducted on 383… read more

Reducing the chance of medical errors

Arizona residents who are scheduled to have surgery may be concerned if they have heard about a study that appeared in a peer-reviewed journal that discussed the high rate of fatal medical errors. However, there are steps people can take to protect themselves. One is making sure that the surgery is necessary in the first… read more