Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used in Court?

Posted On March 30, 2022 I Car Accidents

Thanks to modern technology, dashboard cameras (known simply as dash cams) have become commonplace in many vehicles – as have GoPro cameras attached to helmets for motorcyclists and bicyclists. A dash cam can record footage that is important during a car accident claim in Glendale.

Unsafe Lane Change Accidents in Arizona

Posted On March 30, 2022 I Car Accidents

Changing lanes is a necessary part of driving. All drivers have a responsibility to learn how to change lanes safely and correctly. Unfortunately, many drivers break the rules and drive carelessly, such as by failing to check their blind spots, speeding and merging on top of other vehicles when trying to change lanes.

Will My License Be Suspended After a DUI?

Posted On March 30, 2022 I Drunk Driving,Drunk Driving Charges

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is against the law in Arizona. If you are found guilty and convicted of a DUI, you could lose your driving privilege as part of your punishment. Even before your criminal trial, however, your license could be suspended simply for being arrested for a DUI.