Who is Liable in a Workplace Injury?

Posted On February 15, 2022 I Personal Injury

Going to work should never end in a disaster, such as a serious physical injury that will impact you for the following weeks, months or for life. Unfortunately, this is exactly the experience that hundreds of workers in Arizona have each year.

Can a School District Be Sued for Injuries to Students?

Posted On December 21, 2021 I Personal Injury


Children spend a large portion of their time on school grounds. It is no surprise, therefore, that many child injuries occur at schools every year. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and injury, the parents of an injured child may be able to file a lawsuit against the school or the school district for financial compensation.

Who Is Liable for Public Pool Slip and Falls?

Posted On December 1, 2021 I Personal Injury

If you decide to frequent a public pool in Arizona, know that the entity that owns the property or is in charge of the pool has a responsibility to keep the swimming pool and surrounding area, including the pool deck, reasonably safe for guests and visitors.

What to Do if You Are Injured at a Hotel

Posted On December 1, 2021 I Personal Injury

An accident and injury can happen at any time, including while you’re staying at a hotel, motel or inn. If you get injured at a hotel, such as in a slip and fall accident or an assault in the parking lot, it is important to do certain things to protect your rights.

What Are the Different Types of Burn Injuries?

Posted On December 1, 2021 I Personal Injury

A burn injury describes damage to the skin – and sometimes the deeper tissues and muscles – from contact with a dangerous item. Identifying your type of burn injury, as well as the severity of the burn, can help you know what to do after you get injured, such as whether you need to go to the hospital.

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