What to Know About Rollover Accidents in Arizona

Posted On November 2, 2023 I Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Rollover car accidents are one of the most catastrophic types of collisions. A motor vehicle is not designed to withstand impacts against its roof. The forces involved in rollover accidents can inflict serious injuries on the vehicle’s occupants, including injuries from being ejected, crushed or trapped inside the car.

What to Do After an Arizona Construction Accident

Posted On October 30, 2023 I Personal Injury,Work Accidents

Construction accidents are frequently serious disasters that cause life-changing injuries to workers. If you get injured in a construction site accident in Arizona, it is important to take the correct steps toward making a physical and financial recovery. Before you begin the injury claims process, contact a construction site accident attorney at the Law Offices of John Phebus for a free consultation.

Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Cases

Posted On October 9, 2023 I Personal Injury

Before you begin a personal injury case in Arizona, you may have many questions and concerns about the legal process. There are a lot of common misconceptions regarding personal injury claims that could make it more difficult to navigate your case and even interfere with your financial recovery.

Are Expert Witnesses Needed in a Personal Injury Claim?

Posted On October 2, 2023 I Personal Injury

An expert witness is a highly trained or experienced professional who has specialized knowledge on a subject that is relevant to a personal injury case. Expert witnesses are hired by attorneys to provide an independent view on a specific aspect of a case, to help establish the validity of a claim that is being made.

What to Know About Accident Reconstruction in Personal Injury

Posted On September 20, 2023 I Personal Injury

When someone else’s actions cause you to suffer an injury with significant economic damages as well as pain and suffering, that person is responsible for reimbursing you for those damages. This is typically accomplished through a personal injury claim filed against the insurance company of the party at fault for the injury.

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