NFL player pleads no contest to drunk driving, sentence reduced

Some people believe that the wealthy and famous in society are subject to a different, more lenient standard of justice than other Americans. A recent case involving NFL player Aldon Smith is an example. Smith was recently sentenced for drunk driving as well as allegedly unlawful possession of firearms that he purchased in Arizona. While… read more

No real benefit to breath test refusal

Getting pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence is a significant allegation. Police officers will likely question an individual and often times at least attempt to perform a breath test. If it is determined that a driver’s blood-alcohol content is above the legal limit, which in the state of Arizona is .08, there… read more

Holiday hangover: Arizona police make 389 DUI arrests

Nearly 400 Arizona residents may be dealing with some serious legal issues this week after police saturation patrols and checkpoints netted 389 DUI arrests during the Fourth of July weekend. Last week, we reported on what these efforts would mean for drivers and this year, like others in the past, these efforts resulted in hundreds… read more