A DUI is no way to start a new year

Parties will soon be launched across Maricopa County to celebrate the end of one year and start of another. Of course, there are parties and celebrations on every night of the year, but New Year’s Eve might be the biggest of them all. We wish everyone a safe and happy evening, and to help make… read more

Phoenix woman accused of causing man’s death while drunk driving

Drunk driving can have extremely serious consequences for both victims and perpetrators. For victims, it can mean serious injuries and, in extremely tragic cases, death. For those accused of causing a drunk driving accident, the penalties for a DUI can include jail time, a license suspension, probation and community service. But perhaps worst of all,… read more

Declining to speak until you have an attorney

When someone asks you a question, you are most likely to try to answer it. That’s human nature. But there are times when we should resist the urge to give people answers to questions. An example of a time to decline to answer is when a Phoenix police officer has taken you into custody or… read more

A look at orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon medical malpractice

We recently read an article in a hospital industry publication that contained some interesting numbers about orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. The facts in the piece were apparently culled from a RAND report released in 2013 on the U.S. medical malpractice system. The article we read on the report was directed to those two groups of… read more

Though enjoyable, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous

For many who live in the state of Arizona, riding a motorcycle is the preferred method of transportation. While some ride for enjoyment, others use it to get from one place to another. Regardless of why someone is riding a motorcycle, the activity can be dangerous. When a motorcyclist is involved in a crash, the… read more

Arizona traffic accidents: by the numbers

There is something dehumanizing about statistics. Real-life tragedies can be turned into tiny numbers on a spreadsheet. Numbers don’t go through painful operations after a motor vehicle accident, and they don’t break bones or lose loved ones. However, statistics are nonetheless useful tools to help us assess the magnitude of societal problems. We can look… read more

Police: drowsy trucker caused fatal I-17 truck accident

As anyone who has driven on Interstate 10 or Interstate 17 can tell you, the experience can be harrowing. Fast-moving cars populate those main arteries, often piloted by aggressive or distracted drivers. When the fast-moving vehicles are tractor-trailers, the dangers to other motorists are magnified. A recent Maricopa County truck accident showed that 18-wheelers can… read more