Phoenix woman accused of causing man’s death while drunk driving

Posted On December 24, 2014 Felonies

Drunk driving can have extremely serious consequences for both victims and perpetrators. For victims, it can mean serious injuries and, in extremely tragic cases, death. For those accused of causing a drunk driving accident, the penalties for a DUI can include jail time, a license suspension, probation and community service. But perhaps worst of all, the accused may have to live with the knowledge of the pain and suffering caused to others, and not just the victims, but their own loved ones as well.

Anyone who is facing drunk driving charges should seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Each defendant is guaranteed certain due process rights when accused of a crime. An attorney can help a defendant understand the nature of the charges against him or her and help ensure that the defendant is afforded appropriate due process.

For one Phoenix woman accused of drunk driving, the reality of the extremely serious consequences may now be apparent to her. The 33-year-old woman was allegedly driving with a blood-alcohol level of almost four times the legal limit when she rear-ended a vehicle, causing it to drive off the road and then hit a tree and a wall. The 47-year-old man who was driving that vehicle was killed in the accident.

The woman was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Blood tests were also taken to determine her blood alcohol content. She was then arrested at the hospital on suspicion of manslaughter. She admitted to investigators that she had been consuming alcohol.

Source: AZ Central, “Phoenix police: Drunken driver in fatal wreck way over legal limit,” Sophia Kunthara, June 9, 2014