Field sobriety tests often questionable in DUI cases

Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated charges are serious criminal accusations. It can be difficult to fight these allegations in court, as juries often side with the arresting officers. The primary evidence tends to be field sobriety tests, which can appear to incriminate the accused individuals. However, roadside tests are not always properly… read more

What does implied consent in DUI arrest mean under Arizona law?

Arizona residents may be aware that this state is an “implied consent” state with regard to testing for alcohol or drug intoxication while driving. This post addresses some of the questions that can arise in connection with implied consent. When does implied consent become effective? You give implied consent to be tested for alcohol, drugs… read more

Time is of the essence when facing charges of drunk driving

The dangers of drunk driving are now common knowledge. Citizens of Arizona are most certainly aware that if they are charged with DUI they will be facing serious consequences. The specifics of these potential consequences may not be as well known, especially to drivers who are new to Arizona, and young drivers who have only… read more

Weekend arrests demonstrate Arizona anti-DUI measures

Holiday weekends tend to be busy times for Arizona law enforcement officers, and the recent Labor Day weekend was no exception. More than 200 drivers statewide were arrested for various drunk driving offenses before the weekend was half-over. That number however, may not be as interesting as the tactics and strategies that led to them…. read more