Understanding more about overdiagnosis

Arizona residents might want to increase their knowledge about the prevalence and dangers associated with medical overdiagnosis. Under the circumstances of overdiagnosis, the disease is diagnosed with the correct treatment, but it’s often administered too early, at a point where it could actually be detrimental to the patient. In contrast, false positives can be described… read more

MERAS misdiagnosis and medical malpractice in Arizona

Due to its ability to impact many different systems within the body, a disease called mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes, or MELAS, is often misdiagnosed. Furthermore, the condition is hard to diagnose because it can present a variety of different symptoms in an individual. A study published in the Chinese Medical Journal… read more

Birth practice may harm Arizona patients

During a delivery, it is common for doctors in Arizona and around the country to use electronic fetal monitoring to catch any complications as soon as possible. An electrode is placed on the baby’s scalp to monitor its heart rate and other vital signs during delivery. While it may make sense that monitoring the baby… read more

Estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown files lawsuit for her death

Arizona residents may be interested to learn that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate is suing the boyfriend she had been living with over allegations he caused the injuries that led to her death in July. Brown was the only child of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston. The wrongful death lawsuit, which was filed in… read more

Preventing medical errors and malpractice suits

Hospitals in Arizona and other states could become part of a medical malpractice suit when a medical injury occurs. In 2014, 7,000 people died due to medication errors while 12,000 died during unnecessary surgeries. There are an estimated 1 million medical injuries annually, but roughly 85,000 malpractice suits are filed every year. There are some… read more

Surgical black boxes could prevent medical errors

Arizona residents may be aware that surgical errors are a common problem in hospitals across the country and worldwide. In response, researchers and legislators are increasingly exploring the idea of recording surgical procedures in order to document errors. For example, the University of Toronto developed a surgical “black box” that tracks a surgeon’s actions during… read more