What Is Considered a Felony Theft in Arizona?

Posted On August 3, 2021 I Criminal Defense,Felonies

There are different levels of theft within Arizona’s criminal justice system. The level of the crime is important, as it determines matters such as the classification of the criminal charge and the potential penalties. The most serious level is felony theft.

Wrongfully Accused of Shoplifting

Being wrongfully accused of a crime can be a confusing and frightening experience. You may not know your rights or how to defend them. If a business has wrongfully accused you or a loved one of shoplifting in Arizona, you may need professional assistance from a lawyer to clear your name and avoid facing legal consequences you do not deserve.

Possession of Marijuana Diversion Program

As a resident of Arizona, it can be difficult to keep up with the constantly changing laws and new bills regarding marijuana. Currently, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act only legalizes the possession of 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and only if you have a physician’s written certification.

Arizona Domestic Violence Resources

Posted On December 12, 2018 I Criminal Defense,Felonies

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that about 20 people suffer violence at the hands of a domestic partner every minute in the United States. Unfortunately, domestic violence continues to be a problem in the U.S., costing more than $8 billion per year and representing about 15% of all violent crime in America.

What Is an Aggravated Felony in Arizona?

Posted On November 14, 2018 I Criminal Defense,Felonies

Understanding your rights as a criminal defendant in Arizona starts with learning the difference between a misdemeanor, felony, and aggravated felony. The penalties and potential consequences you could face will vary based on the classification of your alleged crime. An aggravated felony is one of the more serious classifications, with penalties that could impact you for life.

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