The leading causes of medical misdiagnoses

Posted On February 27, 2017 I Medical Malpractice

Thousands of patients are misdiagnosed in Arizona and around the country every year. A misdiagnosis could cause someone to not receive the medical care he or she desperately needs, and this kind of medical mistake can be fatal when progressive diseases like cancer remain undetected.

Prefilled syringes could save both money and lives

Posted On February 22, 2017 I Medical Malpractice

Hospitals in Arizona and around the country may be able to lower their costs and reduce the number of catastrophic medical errors by using prefilled syringes according to a study funded by a medical equipment manufacturer. When nurses switched to prefilled syringes, medication error rates dropped into the single digits.

Understanding crime on college campuses

Posted On February 22, 2017 I Felonies

There is a lot of attention and scrutiny on America’s colleges, especially in light of recent publicity about several high-profile sexual assault cases and the response that some schools have had, or not had, to the phenomenon. For today’s college students, this information often comes out of context, though.

Misdiagnosing fibromyalgia

Posted On February 15, 2017 I Medical Malpractice

Arizona residents who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia may want to know that only a small number of people who receive the diagnosis actually suffer from the condition. As many as two-thirds of diagnosed fibromyalgia patients have been misdiagnosed and are actually suffering from another medical condition.

Understanding Arizona’s drugged driving statute

Posted On February 15, 2017 I Drug Charges

As DUI deaths rise across the state, Arizona has turned to some rather aggressive law enforcement tactics to attempt to protect public safety. That means more than just tightening DUI penalties, though. It also means a very vigorous drugged driving statute.

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