Arizona man charged with DUI after hitting two pedestrians

It is a well-known fact that drunk driving accidents can have a significant impact on the lives of both the victims and those who have been charged with a crime. Injured victims can face long, painful recoveries and families of deceased victims face the painful process of grieving their loss. For the accused, drunk driving charges… read more

Arizona authorities plan Memorial Day DUI crackdown

An Arizona marshal’s office will strengthen its DUI enforcement efforts this Memorial Day weekend in an attempt to catch intoxicated drivers and possibly prevent injuries or fatalities due to automobile accidents. DUI is a crime taken very seriously by law enforcement agencies in Arizona and these planned efforts prove that on this Memorial Day weekend, it… read more

Fewer Arizona Cinco de Mayo DUI arrests this year

Facing charges related to drunk driving can be very upsetting for residents across Arizona. Drivers know that we are not supposed to get behind the wheel after drinking, but people can make mistakes. Unfortunately, authorities are very aggressive in their pursuit to arrest people for these mistakes and they implement various initiatives in an attempt… read more

New study on fatal drunk driving accidents

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics has found that fewer children are being killed in drunk driving accidents. A 40 percent decline has been witnessed in the previous decade. The study also suggests that children are more likely to be killed in alcohol-related accidents when they are in the same car with an intoxicated driver,… read more

Retired NFL player sentenced for Arizona DUI

While many residents of Arizona might believe that celebrities and professional athletes can avoid the consequences of DUI charges due to their status, a former NFL player proved recently that this is not always true. The former quarterback was arrested in December when, according to court records, he was reportedly driving at 81 miles-per-hour on… read more