Retired NFL player sentenced for Arizona DUI

Posted On May 1, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges by John Allen Phebus

While many residents of Arizona might believe that celebrities and professional athletes can avoid the consequences of DUI charges due to their status, a former NFL player proved recently that this is not always true. The former quarterback was arrested in December when, according to court records, he was reportedly driving at 81 miles-per-hour on a road with a posted maximum speed of 65 miles-per-hour in Arizona. He was then charged with a DUI and he pleaded guilty in March.

There are many perks to being a celebrity, however, they are generally just as unable to avoid the potential consequences of a criminal conviction as anyone else. The former player was dealt several penalties for the DUI, including a fine of approximately $1,500, attending an outpatient treatment center in Arizona, and spending 24 hours in a detention facility.

Fortunately for the ex-quarterback, the nine additional days of his sentence were suspended. Typically, first-time DUI offenders receive similar punishments that may include fines, between 24 hours to 10 days in jail, and substance abuse treatment among other things.

When anyone gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, they can put themselves and others on the road at risk of serious injury. Both celebrities and everyday people may be at risk of serious potential consequences that might stem from a DUI conviction, including a jail sentence and a license suspension. When incidents of this nature occur, the immediate consultation of an experienced attorney can help those who face DUI charges to understand and protect their rights.

Source: The Morning Call, “McNabb reportedly convicted of DUI in Arizona,” Nick Fierro, April 17, 2014