Arizona authorities plan Memorial Day DUI crackdown

Posted On May 21, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges Written by John Allen Phebus

An Arizona marshal’s office will strengthen its DUI enforcement efforts this Memorial Day weekend in an attempt to catch intoxicated drivers and possibly prevent injuries or fatalities due to automobile accidents.

DUI is a crime taken very seriously by law enforcement agencies in Arizona and these planned efforts prove that on this Memorial Day weekend, it is best to stay sober behind the wheel and obey all traffic laws.

The announced crackdown in DUI enforcement was planned and will be executed with the help of funds from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Featuring a multitude of measures to detect and remove drunk drivers from the road, the increased enforcement will take place all day and all night on both weekend days.

This enforcement effort and strategy reflects the fact that law enforcement agencies of all kinds, as well as courts and judicial systems around Arizona, take DUI offenses very seriously.

It is a good idea to understand your rights, should you find yourself questioned by an officer during a traffic stop or at a sobriety checkpoint. There are many rules that must be followed by authorities during a roadside stop or at a checkpoint. Many drivers are not familiar with these systems, so it can be in a person’s best interest to speak with an attorney in order to examine the arrest and challenge any questionable procedures.

Should you find yourself facing charges, such as a DUI or another traffic violation stemming from a DUI checkpoint, it is critical to remember that everyone has the right to defend themselves against charges in order to avoid conviction or overly harsh penalties.

Source: Camp Verde Bugle, “Marshal’s Office plans Memorial Day DUI task force operations,” May. 13, 2014