How Social Media Can Affect Your Criminal Defense Case

Posted On June 3, 2023 I Criminal Defense

Social media has had a major influence on the world, including the criminal justice system. Social media activity is admissible as evidence in a criminal case in many circumstances. If you get arrested for an alleged criminal offense in Arizona, it is important not to post about your case or situation on any social media platform.

What to Know About Credit Served in Jail

Posted On May 30, 2023 I Arizona Laws,Criminal Defense

If you get caught up in the Arizona criminal justice system, you could be waiting a significant amount of time for your court date to arrive. During this time, you may have to spend days or weeks detained in jail. In Arizona, there are rules regarding custody credits.

What Is the Difference Between a Private Attorney and Public Defender?

Posted On May 22, 2023 I Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Arizona, you may wonder whether you should hire a private criminal defense attorney or use a public defender. While a public defender is often cheaper, there are many other factors to consider besides cost alone.

Sentencing in Arizona: What Does Time Off for Good Behavior Mean? 

Posted On May 15, 2023 I Arizona Laws,Criminal Defense

In Arizona, if a defendant gets convicted of a crime and given a sentence that includes jail or prison time, he or she may have the opportunity for early release (on parole or probation) for good behavior. Knowing how this system works in Arizona can be helpful if you or a loved one is facing time behind bars for a recent criminal conviction.

How to Get Someone Out of Jail in Arizona

Posted On May 10, 2023 I Criminal Defense

If you get the call that someone you love has been incarcerated, you may not know how to get him or her out of jail. It is critical to protect your loved one’s future in the key moments directly after an arrest by hiring a criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale right away.

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