Who Is Liable in a Left-Turn Accident?

Posted On May 24, 2022 I Car Accidents

Making a left turn is a dangerous maneuver under any circumstance. A driver must use the utmost care when cutting across traffic traveling in the opposite direction to turn left. Choosing to turn at the wrong moment can cause a devastating car accident, such as a T-bone collision.

What Is the Penalty for a First-Offense DUI in Arizona?

Posted On May 24, 2022 I Drunk Driving Charges

If a driver gets pulled over by law enforcement and shows signs of intoxication – either physical signs or the results of a breathalyzer test – he or she will be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). The penalties for a DUI in Arizona are serious and include mandatory jail time.

What Happens When a Car Accident Case Goes to Trial?

Posted On May 24, 2022 I Car Accidents

Although car accident trials are rare, they are sometimes necessary. If a car insurance company denies a claim or is refusing to offer a fair and reasonable settlement to a crash victim, the victim may have no choice but to file a lawsuit.

Should You Call a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

Posted On May 24, 2022 I Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for the rider and passengers, inflicting life-changing injuries in the blink of an eye. Whether or not you need to call a lawyer after getting into a motorcycle accident depends on your case. In general, you could benefit from speaking to an attorney if you sustained serious injuries, a loved one passed away in a motorcycle accident or if you simply have questions about your legal rights.

Road Rash Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Posted On May 24, 2022 I Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are among the most physically traumatic types of motor vehicle collisions. Even with a helmet and protective gear, motorcyclists can suffer significant injuries. A common injury is road rash – skin and soft-tissue damage from contact or friction with the road.