What to Do After an Arizona Construction Accident

Posted On October 30, 2023 Personal Injury,Work Accidents by John Allen Phebus

Construction accidents are frequently serious disasters that cause life-changing injuries to workers. If you get injured in a construction site accident in Arizona, it is important to take the correct steps toward making a physical and financial recovery. Before you begin the injury claims process, contact a construction site accident attorney at the Law Offices of John Phebus for a free consultation.

Seek Medical Attention

After any type of workplace accident, the victim’s first priority should be seeking medical care. Professional medical attention is critical for serious injuries, such as spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Prompt medical care can help prevent any potential complications or long-term effects from an injury, as well as help doctors detect injuries that may not be immediately apparent. In terms of making a financial recovery, immediate medical care is also required by most insurance companies, including workers’ compensation insurers.

Report the Accident

Tell your employer or construction site manager about your accident without delay. The workers’ compensation program in Arizona requires an injured employee to notify an employer of an injury “as soon as possible.” This notification should be done in writing. Ask your employer for an official accident report. If the situation is an emergency, such as if you or someone else has suffered critical injuries, call 911 to request paramedics. Law enforcement can provide a police report for you to use in your construction accident injury claim.

Document the Scene

If you are able to do so, document the scene of the accident before you leave. This includes taking photographs of the construction site and the dangerous element that caused your injuries, as well as pictures of your injuries. If any surveillance cameras at the construction site caught the accident on tape, ask for copies. Write down the names of anyone involved in the accident and eyewitnesses.

Keep Copies of Records

Create a folder with all records and documents that are relevant to your construction accident and subsequent insurance claim. This will help you stay organized and make it easier to bring your files to a personal injury attorney for a case review. Examples include medical records, hospital bills, prescriptions and treatment plans, an accident report, police report, eyewitness statements, photographs, employment documents, and communications between you and an insurance company.

Notify OSHA

As an injured construction worker, you have the option of reporting a safety hazard or code violation in your workplace to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Filing a complaint is important if your employer or someone in your workplace is guilty of a severe violation, as it could protect other workers in the future. Note that your employer lawfully cannot retaliate against you for reporting safety violations.

File a Claim With Help From an Attorney

Follow your doctor’s treatment orders while you heal from your construction accident injuries. Then, contact an attorney. A lawyer can be essential for obtaining the financial compensation that you deserve from a workers’ compensation claim, personal injury lawsuit or both. Your legal options after a construction accident in Arizona will depend on the circumstances, such as who or what caused your accident and if someone else’s negligence played a role. You may be able to hold one or more parties accountable for your construction accident if it was caused by a careless or reckless act. An attorney can protect your rights as he or she guides you through the legal process.