Complications of a Brain Injury after a Serious Car Accident

Posted On July 21, 2016 Brain Injury,Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Being in a serious car accident can mean lifelong injuries for some. Especially if you have suffered any brain trauma. A TBI (“Traumatic Brain Injury”) can lead to further complications. Sometimes a TBI has irreversible damage. This can be devastating for both the accident victim and his or her family. Understanding these complications and getting the right professional guidance can help with this difficult journey to recovery and rehabilitation.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a TBI is defined as: “Traumatic brain injury occurs when an external mechanical force causes brain dysfunction.” The external force in a motor vehicle crash often means high speeds and blunt force trauma to the head. For many serious car accident victims, the accident was due to the negligence of one or more than one party. It is imperative that the accident victim seeks legal counsel to understand any personal injury claim action that can be taken. An experienced serious personal injury lawyer in Glendale can help with this type of case.

A TBI case can mean years of rehabilitation and therapy. The costs are staggering and something a victim of negligence should not have to endure. Complications from a TBI can include coma, ongoing seizures, nerve damage, cognitive problems and even brain death in the most severe cases. In addition, personality changes and behavioral problems are some of the most emotionally challenging complications for families.

This is not something that should be handled by just any attorney. Make sure your Arizona lawyer is very experienced in handling TBI cases. Our attorney reviews cases for free. Learn more by reaching out to our law firm.