Barely noticed by press: two dead in Tempe motorcycle accident

Posted On March 27, 2015 Motorcycle Accidents

Fifty-four words in three paragraphs to describe the deaths of two people in one accident. The meager numbers are of course not indicative of the inherent human worth of the victims, but rather the commonplace nature of tragedies in our society. In this particular case, two people died in a motorcycle crash with an automobile in Tempe

Law enforcement officials said the cycle hit the passenger side of the vehicle, killing a passenger inside the car and the motorcyclist. The crash near I-10 and Elliot Road also resulted in minor injuries to three other people inside the car.

That was all the information contained in the report. Two lives ended and other lives undoubtedly irrevocably altered by the violence and death they witnessed.

In many similar situations, there are conclusions that can be reasonably drawn from even scant evidence. When a motorcycle hits the passenger side of a vehicle, it is often because the vehicle pulled out in front of the bike; the driver of the car fails to notice the motorcyclist until it is too late and a collision is inevitable.

We don’t know that that is what happened here; we do know that this sequence of events is not unusual, however.

In some of these cases, the cyclist loses their life. In other cases, the motorcyclist is badly injured but can recover with surgeries, long periods of physical rehabilitation and extended periods away from work. Their medical bills can be astronomical.

Who should pay for those damages? The motorcyclist or the person driving a car and who pulled out in front of the bike? Talk to an experienced Glendale motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for full and fair compensation that can help you recover from your injuries.