There is an app for that: The drunk driving app

Posted On April 10, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges

It seems that most people own some type of smartphone these days. You see these phones in the hands of Phoenix residents in a host of places including gas pumps, at restaurants, bars and sporting events. People are not only talking on these phones; they are using various phone applications.

Such apps can do anything from change your snapshots into classy, black-and-white photographs; calculate tips on restaurant bills; track the miles that you drive; and a myriad of other helpful tasks to make life much easier. It seems as though there is an app for almost everything these days.

Recently, a new application hit one state as a test; it was designed by lawyers in order to educate people about their rights when they are behind the wheel and get pulled over by a police officer for suspicion of drunk driving. The app has lighthearted features, such as commands to follow if you get pulled over, including, “shut up” and “be polite.”

There are also more useful aspects to the application, including a feature that shows you how to calculate the blood-alcohol content you would display on a blood-alcohol test, as well as tips on how to contact a lawyer.

Additionally, there is an option on the app to record audio if you are pulled over, so that your lawyer can make sure that none of your rights were violated in the process of the traffic stop. The creators of the app are trying to launch the feature so that people in all 50 states can utilize it.

Drunk driving puts drivers and others on the roads at risk; this however, does not excuse an officer of violating the rights of a driver. It is wise for drivers to be aware of their rights in a pullover situation, especially if they are asked to provide a blood-alcohol sample.

Source: FOX News, “New app for drivers having an ‘Oh Crap’ moment behind the wheel,” Lauren Blanchard, April 7, 2014