Details are scant in serious Phoenix car crash

Posted On June 29, 2015 Wrongful Death Written by John Allen Phebus

The news reports of the violent accident are brief. What we know: two vehicles were in a late-night collision in West Phoenix. Two men were extricated from a vehicle by emergency responders.

Both men are in their 30s and both sustained severe injuries in the crash. The two were listed at a nearby hospital in critical condition with life-threatening injuries, a Phoenix Fire Department spokesperson said.

What we don’t know: who is at fault for the car crash. The description of the violent crash is extremely brief. No hint in it of what or who might have caused the collision.

There is a single photo accompanying the news article, and from that photo it appears that the crash was head-on.

This news brief on a life-altering crash is not untypical of where a Glendale personal injury attorney might begin an investigation. In cases in which details are scant, an accident reconstructionist might be used to help a court understand the decisions and actions leading up to the crash.

In some cases, drunken driving might be involved, as well as speeding or reckless driving. In other cases, the major factor is a driver more interested in what his or her phone is doing rather than traffic lights or oncoming vehicles.

There are also many cases in which driver error can be pinpointed: someone drove the wrong way on a one-way street, or veered out of their lane or failed to obey traffic signs and traffic lights. And of course, in many circumstances, more than one or even two of the aforementioned factors are crucial failures that led to severe injuries.