Arizona traffic accidents: by the numbers

Posted On December 5, 2014 Motorcycle Accidents by John Allen Phebus

There is something dehumanizing about statistics. Real-life tragedies can be turned into tiny numbers on a spreadsheet. Numbers don’t go through painful operations after a motor vehicle accident, and they don’t break bones or lose loved ones.

However, statistics are nonetheless useful tools to help us assess the magnitude of societal problems. We can look at Arizona Department of Transportation crash data and understand how many people – our neighbors, our friends, our families – have their lives upended by negligent drivers.

So let’s take a look at some numbers compiled by the state, remembering always that these numbers represent people who went through painful, sometimes terrifying and sometimes tragic experiences.

The 2013 data reveals a disturbing situation: traffic accidents are all too common in our state and here in Maricopa County. For instance:

  • 107,348: total number of traffic accidents throughout Arizona last year
  • 34,047: Arizona accidents involving injuries (50,284 people were injured in the crashes)
  • 3,081: motorcycle accidents last year
  • 1,596: pedestrian accidents
  • 88,295: multiple-vehicle Arizona accidents
  •  777: number of fatal accidents in our state last year
  • October: the month with the highest number of accidents
  • Friday: the weekday with highest crash totals
  • 5 pm. To 6 p.m.: the hour of day in which the most crashes occur
  • November 22: the day on which the most traffic accidents took place last year (737)

Again, let’s remember that all of the numbers represent people with faces, names, loved ones, jobs and bills to pay.

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