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Though enjoyable, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous

Posted On December 12, 2014 Motorcycle Accidents

For many who live in the state of Arizona, riding a motorcycle is the preferred method of transportation. While some ride for enjoyment, others use it to get from one place to another. Regardless of why someone is riding a motorcycle, the activity can be dangerous.

Arizona traffic accidents: by the numbers

Posted On December 5, 2014 Motorcycle Accidents

There is something dehumanizing about statistics. Real-life tragedies can be turned into tiny numbers on a spreadsheet. Numbers don’t go through painful operations after a motor vehicle accident, and they don’t break bones or lose loved ones.

However, statistics are nonetheless useful tools to help us assess the magnitude of societal problems.

Police: drowsy trucker caused fatal I-17 truck accident

Posted On December 4, 2014 Wrongful Death

As anyone who has driven on Interstate 10 or Interstate 17 can tell you, the experience can be harrowing. Fast-moving cars populate those main arteries, often piloted by aggressive or distracted drivers.

When the fast-moving vehicles are tractor-trailers, the dangers to other motorists are magnified.

What are field sobriety tests?

Posted On November 6, 2014 Field Sobriety Tests

In Arizona, if you are pulled over by a police officer who suspects that you may have been driving under the influence of alcohol that officer has different ways to determine in his or her judgment whether you have in fact been engaged in drunk driving.

What is a felony DUI under Arizona law?

Posted On October 28, 2014 Felonies

Arizona law with regard to drunk driving implements an escalating scale of severity for repeat offenses. While a single DUI can result in significant penalties, including mandatory jail time, fines, community service and suspension of driving privileges, being convicted of repeat violations or drunk driving under certain special circumstances enhances the severity of the punishments.

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