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Bringing hope to sad situations

Posted On April 27, 2015 Drug Charges Written by John Allen Phebus

In some ways, it is the job of a criminal defense attorney to be a conduit to hope. An attorney can in many situations help a person who needs drug treatment rather than prison; counseling and rehabilitation rather than incarceration. Because Arizona has tough drug laws and harsh penalties for those who are impaired by drugs while driving, it can take a knowledgeable, skilled criminal defense lawyer to make a real difference in many situations.

Peoria man dies in hit-and-run motorcycle accident

Posted On April 23, 2015 Wrongful Death Written by John Allen Phebus

He was rolling through the intersection at 75th Avenue and Thunderbird Road when his motorcycle was hit from behind. The violent collision left a 60-year-old Peoria man dying on the street, while the other driver, identified by law enforcement officials only as a Glendale man, fled the scene in his car.

Medical malpractice: stroke, brain damage, life in a wheelchair

Posted On April 21, 2015 Medical Malpractice Written by John Allen Phebus

It’s pretty common knowledge among Phoenix residents that a stroke can lead to severe, long-term disability and death. And it’s also pretty common knowledge that high blood pressure can lead to stroke.

Perhaps that’s why it recently took a jury just five hours to decide a medical malpractice case against a doctor.

DUI, child endangerment charges could have multiplying effect

Posted On April 14, 2015 Drunk Driving Charges Written by John Allen Phebus

We read recently of a 25-year-old woman who finds herself today in deep legal trouble. She was arrested in Mesa on a recent afternoon after she reportedly hit a stopped car with her vehicle. A man inside the stopped vehicle then jumped onto the woman’s hood as she reportedly tried to drive off.

What is Arizona’s “aggravated DUI” offense?

Posted On April 9, 2015 Drunk Driving Charges Written by John Allen Phebus

Here in the Phoenix area, there is not a day that goes by without someone being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. In fact, it is inevitable that a few are charged in the course of any day of the year.

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