Peoria man dies in hit-and-run motorcycle accident

Posted On April 23, 2015 Wrongful Death by John Allen Phebus

He was rolling through the intersection at 75th Avenue and Thunderbird Road when his motorcycle was hit from behind. The violent collision left a 60-year-old Peoria man dying on the street, while the other driver, identified by law enforcement officials only as a Glendale man, fled the scene in his car.

The hit-and-run driver did not make a clean escape, however, as fluids leaking from his vehicle left a telltale trail, according to a media report. Police followed the trail and found the driver. He has been arrested initially on a charge of leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

Because police say they believe that alcohol may have been involved in the cause of the motorcycle accident, it is possible that the Glendale man will face additional charges.

We know from researching the motorcyclist’s name that he left behind a wife of 44 years, and that she is heartbroken by her loss. No matter what criminal charges the other driver might face, the widow’s love of her life will never be restored to her.

In many similar situations, the loss involves not only lifelong love, but also has deep financial implications for those left behind. In some cases, the deceased was the breadwinner in the family and provided health insurance and other benefits. That income and those benefits have been taken as swiftly and surely as his life.

For those left behind to try to pick up the pieces of their lives, it can often make sense to speak with an experienced Glendale motorcycle accident attorney and wrongful death litigation. In many  instances, a favorable settlement can be negotiated that can provide welcome financial relief. In other instances, litigation is required to force the party responsible for the death to pay full and fair compensation.