Unsafe Lane Change Accidents in Arizona

Posted On March 30, 2022 I Car Accidents

Changing lanes is a necessary part of driving. All drivers have a responsibility to learn how to change lanes safely and correctly. Unfortunately, many drivers break the rules and drive carelessly, such as by failing to check their blind spots, speeding and merging on top of other vehicles when trying to change lanes.

When Is a Car Considered Totaled?

Posted On February 15, 2022 I Car Accidents

A car accident in Arizona can significantly damage your motor vehicle. In some cases, the car may be deemed a “total loss” by an insurance company. This means that the cost to repair the vehicle is more than the value of the vehicle itself.

Who Is at Fault When a Mechanical Failure Causes a Car Accident?

Posted On January 10, 2022 I Car Accidents

Car accidents in Arizona happen for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the cause of a car accident is driver error, such as speeding or distracted driving. Sometimes, however, an investigation finds that mechanical failure caused an accident. If you get into a car accident involving mechanical failure, find out who may be at fault and responsible for paying for your bills.

5 Steps to Take After a Parking Lot Accident

Posted On December 21, 2021 I Car Accidents

Parking lots are common locations for motor vehicle accidents and pedestrian collisions. Drivers failing to look before backing out of parking spots or ignoring pedestrian rights-of-way cause many of these accidents. If you get injured in a parking lot accident in Arizona, there are steps that you should take to protect your legal rights.

How Cyclists Can Get Compensation After Being Hit by a Car

Posted On October 26, 2021 I Car Accidents,Pedestrian Safety

Every year, careless and inattentive drivers cause serious injuries and deaths by striking cyclists. Injured bicyclists may be able to recover financial compensation for their medical bills and other losses in Arizona by filing insurance claims or injury lawsuits against the at-fault drivers.

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