Is Eating While Driving Legal in Arizona?

Posted On May 13, 2018 I Arizona Laws,Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. In Arizona specifically, distracted driving causes 11% of all crashes. Unlike DUI laws, Arizona is one of few states that does not have extensive regulations for distracted driving, along with Montana and South Carolina.

Do Not Operate Any Machinery When Using This Product

Posted On May 9, 2018 I Car Accidents,Criminal Defense,Drunk Driving

People generally think of alcohol and drugs like marijuana when thinking of things you should not use while driving. The dangers of impaired driving are well known. However, over-the-counter and prescription medications can also impair your driving ability. Driving safely takes extensive amounts of focus, and it is important to be aware of anything that could affect your ability to drive.

Top 3 Driving Habits to Pick Up

Posted On May 8, 2018 I Car Accidents

No matter how long you have been driving, you may be guilty of exhibiting frustrating driving habits. Whether you know it or not, you have likely irritated at least a few drivers in your time on the road. It is important to keep other drivers happy on the road, as road rage is a serious problem and can lead to car accidents.

Penalties For Vehicular Manslaughter in Arizona

Posted On May 6, 2018 I Car Accidents,Criminal Defense,Drunk Driving

The consequences of driving under the influence are serious; impaired drivers can cause accidents that lead to serious injuries, or even death. Arizona, unlike most other states, does not have specific laws about DUI fatalities. However, the lack of specific legislation does not lessen the penalties.

Serious Injuries in Motor Vehicles Accidents – What to Do

Posted On September 28, 2016 I Car Accidents,Personal Injury

A serious motor vehicle accident changes your life in an instant. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may never recover the quality of life you had prior to that fateful ride. It is certain that you will be out of work for an extended period, and quite possible that you can never return to the type of job you held before the accident.

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