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There is an app for that: The drunk driving app

Posted On April 10, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges

It seems that most people own some type of smartphone these days. You see these phones in the hands of Phoenix residents in a host of places including gas pumps, at restaurants, bars and sporting events. People are not only talking on these phones; they are using various phone applications.

Phoenix man faces DUI charge after ending up in a lake

Posted On April 3, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges

Facing a drunk driving charge can be a stressful time. Someone who is facing these charges may have a lot of questions. During such difficult times it is important to protect your rights. In cases where there were no serious injuries, the severity of the potential consequences might be lessened.

Phoenix teens learn lesson about driving under the influence

Posted On March 20, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have terrible consequences, both for those injured in an accident, and for those who are charged with a crime. Even if no one is injured, and even if no car accident results, a person who has been charged with drunk driving can potentially face serious penalties, including jail, probation, and a license suspension.

Kennedy acquitted of driving under the influence of Ambien

Posted On March 13, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges

As opposed to drinking alcohol to a point that impairs driving skills and leads to a charge of drunk driving, drugged driving involves taking medication or drugs, whether legal or illegal, prescribed or not, that impair one’s driving skills. A recent high-profile case involving a member of one of America’s most prominent families has resulted in an acquittal of drugged driving charges.

Arizona bill would attach fine to waterway breath test refusals

Posted On March 7, 2014 Breath Test Refusal

A lot of drunk driving charges in Arizona are based on breath tests that help determine the blood alcohol content in a suspect. The driver is asked to blow into a system that takes a sample of the individual’s breath. The sample is then run through the machine, measuring the alcohol by way of a chemical reaction.

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