Drug Charges

Animal cruelty and drug charges at the Arizona border

Border Patrol agents face challenges in monitoring evening conditions in the Arizona desert. On May 21, night operations in the vicinity of the tiny community of Why allowed officials to observe activity involving nine individuals. These people wore large backpacks as they traveled through the desert in the area, which is a zone that tends… read more

Cocaine charges in Arizona

People who are charged with a cocaine offense in Arizona may face several different sanctions. There will be several factors involved, including the number of prior offenses, the amount of cocaine found and whether the person was selling or attempting to sell the drug. The state generally reserves the harshest punishment for people who are… read more

Feds to charge foreign military officials with drug trafficking

Federal prosecutors are getting ready to charge officials in the Venezuelan military with cocaine trafficking to the United States, according to someone who knows about the case. It might be surprising to people in Arizona that these officials are generals in the Venezuelan National Guard. One of the men expected to be charged is a… read more

Arizona laws related to marijuana

Arizona is one of the states that has made marijuana legal, at least for individuals who use it for medical reasons. In 2010, residents of the state voted to pass the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which called upon the state to create a medical marijuana program. The law allows people who have a written certification… read more

More than half of all federal inmates are serving drug sentences

Arizona residents probably already know that lawmakers have harshly criticized minimum mandatory sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. Many of these sentencing laws were passed in the 1980s as the introduction of crack cocaine into America’s cities triggered a surge in violent crime. Between 1980 and 2012, the federal prison population increased by almost 800 percent,… read more

Arizona couple facing drug-related charges

An Arizona couple is facing multiple drug-related charges after a Sept. 11 search of their residence. Police executed a warrant and allegedly found several types of drugs and paraphernalia used to ingest drugs as well as an undisclosed amount of cash. The charges include dangerous drug possession with intent to sell, narcotic possession, marijuana possession,… read more

Bringing hope to sad situations

In some ways, it is the job of a criminal defense attorney to be a conduit to hope. An attorney can in many situations help a person who needs drug treatment rather than prison; counseling and rehabilitation rather than incarceration. Because Arizona has tough drug laws and harsh penalties for those who are impaired by… read more