Green Bay receiver facing marijuana charges

Posted On January 20, 2017 Drug Charges

Arizona NFL fans may be familiar with Geronimo Allison, a rookie for the Packers who has shown strength as a receiver this year. According to news sources, Allison is facing charges of marijuana possession in Wisconsin following a traffic stop. The stop took place on Sept. 4, 2016, and the charges were filed on Dec. 15, 2016.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, a trooper pulled Allison over for going 81 miles per hour in a 70-mph zone. The trooper claims that he smelled marijuana coming from the car when he was talking to Allison. Allison reportedly denied smoking marijuana or having any inside of his vehicle. He reportedly told the officer that the smell must be left over from some guys who had been smoking marijuana the night before.

Upon a search of the car, the trooper reports that he found three cigars on the passenger seat. Two of them had allegedly been hollowed out and filled with marijuana. Allison was taken into custody and posted $100 bond. He was charged with speeding and with marijuana possession. The NFL said that it is aware of the case. In cases involving allegations of substance abuse, the NFL does not take disciplinary action unless a player is convicted.

People who are convicted of drug charges may face numerous penalties. Depending on the substance and the amount, they may face incarceration, fines, probation, mandatory drug treatment and other penalties. Even for a simple possession of marijuana conviction, they may have trouble finding work and might also be prevented from obtaining federal financial aid for college. A person who is facing drug charges of any type might want to get help from an experienced drug crimes defense attorney.

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