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What Are My Rights After an Arrest?

If you get arrested in Arizona, you will be read your Miranda rights. This is a list of the rights that you have by law as someone suspected of committing a crime. Remember, being arrested does not mean you have been found guilty of a crime. Knowing and exercising your rights after an arrest can… read more

What Happens When a Case Is Dismissed?

Having a case dismissed terminates the lawsuit against you as a criminal suspect (defendant) in Arizona. Case dismissal means that the criminal charges against you have been dropped – sometimes even before the case goes to court. Getting your case dismissed requires assistance from an experienced defense lawyer. It is important to have it dismissed… read more

What Is Considered a Felony Theft in Arizona?

There are different levels of theft within Arizona’s criminal justice system. The level of the crime is important, as it determines matters such as the classification of the criminal charge and the potential penalties. The most serious level is felony theft. If you are convicted of a felony theft crime in Arizona, you could face… read more

Can You Get Deported for Shoplifting in Arizona?

As an immigrant living in the United States, a criminal conviction for shoplifting could lead to your deportation if it qualifies as a deportable offense, such as an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude. If you are facing shoplifting charges as an immigrant, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. You will need an… read more

What Happens When a Warrant Is Issued for My Arrest?

If you find out that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, stay calm and contact a criminal defense attorney in Glendale right away. Being accused of a crime can be overwhelming, but an attorney will know exactly how to protect your rights from the very beginning. You should never ignore an arrest warrant… read more

The Importance of Police Reports After a Car Accident

One of the many steps you should take after a car accident in Arizona is to call the local police to report the collision. Reporting your car accident to law enforcement can lead to an official police report – a document that serves as an important piece of evidence during most car accident claims. Even… read more

The Difference Between Negligent and Reckless Driving

If you get injured in an auto accident in Arizona, you may hear two different terms during your injury claim: negligence and recklessness. These two terms have different definitions on a legal level. They also come with different ramifications for the at-fault driver. Finding out whether you are dealing with a negligent or reckless driver… read more

Types of Damages Available in a Personal Injury Claim

Damages is a legal term for the financial compensation that may be available to an injured victim during a personal injury claim in Arizona. Someone who has been injured because of another person’s carelessness, recklessness or intent to harm may be entitled to financial damages to make the victim whole again. The civil justice system… read more

Driving Restrictions After a DUI in Arizona

The State of Arizona penalizes crimes involving driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) harshly. A DUI conviction can come with a sentence that significantly impacts your life, from forcing you to pay expensive fines to restricting your driving privileges. If you’ve recently been charged with a DUI in Arizona, find out… read more