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Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Accidents in Arizona

Posted On December 5, 2022 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Some form of car insurance or proof of financial responsibility is required in all 50 states. Motor vehicle collisions can cost thousands of dollars in property damage and medical care. Insurance guarantees that a motor vehicle driver has the means to pay for an accident that he or she causes.

Arizona Child Car Seat Laws

Posted On November 30, 2022 Car Accidents

There are grim statistics in Arizona of injuries and death to children not properly restrained in a car seat. Are you aware that many hospitals and birth centers have teams to inspect car seats before a newborn leaves the facility?

The team of legal professionals at The Law Offices of John Phebus wants the public to know the steps in keeping a child safely restrained and complying with the car seat laws in Arizona.

What is an Admin Per Se Suspension?

Posted On November 30, 2022 Drunk Driving

The process of an admin per se suspension in Arizona begins at the time of an arrest for a DUI (driving under the influence) charge. The influence can be drugs, alcohol, or both. The arrest can be made on suspicion, hence the “per se” definition.

Drunk Driving Statistics: An Examination of DUI Arrest and Death Data

Posted On November 28, 2022 Drunk Driving

Thousands of avoidable deaths occur each year because of drinking and driving. Drunk drivers are a threat not only to themselves but also to everyone else on the road because they are more likely to cause crashes due to impaired motor skills and reaction time.

What Are the Types of Paralysis?

Posted On October 27, 2022 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Paralysis refers to a loss of sensation and motor function in part or all of the body. Paralysis can be complete or incomplete, temporary or permanent. The most common cause of paralysis is a spinal cord injury, such as a spinal fracture in a car accident.

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