How Does a DUI Affect Getting Hired in Arizona?

Posted On December 15, 2023 Drunk Driving,Drunk Driving Charges by John Allen Phebus

Getting a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can affect many aspects of your life and future. Unfortunately, the ramifications don’t end with the completion of your sentence. A DUI will remain on your permanent criminal record. This can hurt your ability to get hired and find work in Arizona.

Can Employers in Arizona Consider a Candidate’s Criminal Record?

Yes. Arizona law permits employers to conduct background checks, including criminal background checks, as part of the standard hiring process. Unless the record was expunged or set aside, a DUI conviction will be included in these checks. Employers in Arizona can choose whether or not to hire a job applicant with a DUI conviction on his or her record at their discretion.

Driving Careers With a DUI Record

If your chosen industry involves having to operate any type of vehicle, such as driving a commercial truck, bus, taxi, tractor, forklift or delivery vehicle, you may struggle to find a job with a DUI on your record. If you have a suspended or revoked driver’s license, you will be unable to fulfill the required tasks of the job. Being unable to drive can also interfere with your ability to get to work each day.

Insurance Considerations

Employers in careers that involve driving for work or operating company vehicles may reject your application due to insurance issues that your DUI conviction presents. The employer’s insurance provider will most likely charge a higher premium for a worker with a DUI on his or her record. This could factor into an employer’s decision not to hire you.

Jobs That Require Travel

Jobs that require traveling to another state or country may be out of reach for you because of a DUI conviction. If you are still completing your sentence, you may be prohibited from leaving the state as part of the terms of your probation. If you are convicted of a felony DUI, this could have a long-term impact on your ability to travel to certain countries.

DUIs and Security Clearance

Some professions have strict requirements regarding a candidate’s criminal history for the purposes of security clearance. An employer may require a certain level of clearance for a specific job title. A DUI conviction on your record could disqualify you from these positions, either automatically per the employer’s request or because it indicates poor judgment or irresponsibility on your part.

Professional Licensing and Certifications

Being convicted of a felony DUI in Arizona could bar you from obtaining certain professional licenses or job certifications. Various licensing boards consider DUI convictions as part of their investigations when determining if an applicant is qualified for certification. The inability to obtain the required license or certificate can make you ineligible for certain jobs.

How to Protect Your Future

A driving under the influence conviction can impact your professional life in ways you may not immediately realize. The best way to protect yourself and your future is by hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney in Surprise. Your lawyer can help mitigate the effects that a DUI charge has on your life by fighting for reduced charges and penalties. An attorney can also represent you at board hearings and work to have your DUI conviction set aside, sealed or expunged post-conviction.

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